Thursday, April 16, 2009

Journey of Our Life

People always say;

“A daughter who resemble their fathers = she’s a good daughter”

“And the same goes to son and mother…”

So, have any of you experienced this?

When people first met my hubby & auni…they would tend to say “Haa..ahh…sebijik macam muka abie dia…” And personally, I think YES…not even the face..but almost all..from head to toe..the way they talk & sleep..thier favorite foods…But, auni doesn’t like football as abie is actually “A Football Nut”, he is willing to wake up at 3.00am in the morning, just to watch a football match…

Auni likes to watch Upin & Ipin (sehari suntuk pun jadi..) & aslso likes to play with her soft toys called “Boboy & Bella”…then mess them up…

These 2 things “Football & Mess up” was a real challenge to me.. I used to feel like deeply cry as no more tears to squeeze out…But now, I already used to it.. just take it easy and let them be.. I realized that, we have been created by Allah with a different characters and personalities…which make our live more colorful and interesting. I admit that, as a human we must have a “strength & weaknesses”. And to live our life happiness we have to be “Open Minded” (only for good faith purposes)..and “Sacrifice”…Only Allah knows…

InsyaAllah, today would be the last day of my hubby’s assessment from the management. After 12 weeks, he worked hard for it…no leisure time..he worked 7 days in a week…only a few hours he spent for family in a day…I felt like “Wordless” only Allah knows…But, I am really proud of him as he has been shortlisted to be one of the best candidate (from thousand)…But…what made me really happy is..!!!he said…“he wont want to take it as he doesn’t want me and auni to wait for a longer time”..He decided to end it…MILLION TQ to you hubby for your love & understanding..really appreciates!!!

And this coming June…again he will be leaving for a month..or may be longer..and again three of us will stay apart..Normally, I will send auni to ‘kampong’ and I will stay with my bro. This time around I decided to stay with auni at home…as I planned to buy a car…(nak cari kereta kancil auto yang murah2)..But unfortunately, till now…we are not able to find one…ADER SESIAPA NAK JUAL KE??? If not…again I have to send auni to “kampong”….SEDIHNYERR….

This is actually just a bit story of our life…I believe Allah is really loving and merciful. Allah will grant a happiness to those who have a Passionate about Life…and always REMEMBER & SAY PRAYERS TO ALLAH…

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